New Seller Registration

Our easy, 2 minute Registration

  1. Go to our My Consignment Manager Website.
  2. Set up a free account with a user id and password.
  3. Select to register for Sweet Repeats.

Seller Compensation

Base percentage for all Sellers: 65% of all sales

Volunteer 8+ hours (2 of which must be Thursday 9am-1pm OR Saturday 3pm-7pm): Additional 10%

Refer 3+ sellers who each enter 25+ items into the sale: Additional 10%

Are you a MOPS or other Mom Group member?: Additional 5%

Maximum Seller Payout: 85%

Steps to Your Sweet Repeats Consignment Sale Success

  1. Register to be a Seller. There is a $6.00 Seller fee paid from sale proceeds, and an easy online registration form. Online Seller Registration closes approximately 3 days prior to the sale.
  2. Prepare your items. Clean out your house, garage, attic and backyard for all of the children’s (seasonal only please) items birth through teen that you don’t need or use anymore.
  3. Check to see that none of your items are recalled: Check by clicking here
  4. Enter your inventory, print tags, and tag your items. Our online barcoding is so easy to use. Follow our tag guidelines to ensure that your items will be accepted for sale.
  5. Tell your friends and neighbors about the sale. Shoppers buy YOUR sale items! Email us to get an email to forward or flyers to pass out.
  6. Volunteer to work before, during or after the sale to earn an extra 10% of the proceeds of your sold items.
  7. Drop off your tagged items at the time you sign up to Check In.
  8. Shop!
  9. Pick-Up your unsold items. You may also choose to donate them to charity.
  10. Wait for your check that will arrive in the mail within 1-3 weeks after the sale.

* Sweet Repeats and Trinity Presbyterian Church are not responsible for lost, missing, stolen or damaged items following the sale. We do not keep or store any items that are not picked up following the sale. We are unable to compensate for any lost, missing, stolen or damaged items.