Online Tagging

Create tags:

  • Click on the “Enter Items” tab on the top middle of the screen.
  • Your consignor number will automatically populate in the “Seller number” field.
  • Use drop down menus for size, price, and category.
  • Pricing: All hanging items MUST be at least $1.
  • Fill in description boxes. DO NOT over-run the boxes. If you can’t see it, it won’t print.
  • Check discount box if you want to allow your item to go half-price at 12:30.
  • Click “donate” box if you want Sweet Repeats to donate your item if it does not sell.
  • Click “Add item”.  The system will add the item to the bottom of the screen for you to view.
  • At any time you can add another item, delete an item or edit an item. It is better to edit an item than to delete it and redo it. If you select item #3, and then delete it, the next item you add will be item #4 and you will not have an item #3.
  • Important: Every tag must have its own item number and unique barcode so you may not make copies or enter any two items with the same item number.
  • The system automatically saves your items.

Tagging tips to maximize efficiency

  • Sort items by GENDER, then by SIZE, then by BRAND, if possible.  All of the fields will remember your last entry so it will be easy to create tags for similar items.
  • Hit the “Tab” key to go from one field to the next, instead of using the mouse.
  • For the “Description” field, there are two boxes. Use the top box for the brand (i.e. Gymboree) and the second box for the description of the item (i.e. Blue dress). This way you can tag all of your Gymboree items at once without having to retype it.
  • Use lower case letters almost exclusively. Upper case letters take up more space in the boxes.
  • Multiple tags with the same information: If you have similar items, (i.e. 5 bags of books) and you want to tags to be exactly the same description and price for each bag, find the top line which reads,  “I want to create ___ items with the same information”. Choose the number of tags (i.e. 5) you want to create with the same information. The system will then create that number of tags for you with the exact same description and price, but all of them will have a different item number.
  • For an unattached set (matching lamp set) create one tag for the set. Hand-write on the tag “Item 1 of 3”.  Attach index cards to the other items of the set and write your seller #, matching description and “Item 2 of 3” and “Item 3 of 3” – but no price.
  • The system will log you out if you are not using it after 15-25 minutes, so be prepared when you start tagging. If you are timed out, you will no longer see the listing of your items when you log back in but they are still in the database and can be accessed via the Manage Inventory Screen.

Print tags

  • Be sure you are logged in at or the system will ask you for a code in order to print. Click on the Print Tags tab at the top of the page.
  • Go to the box on the left and select the items you want to view. You can choose to view all of your items or a specified set of them. This is useful if you’ve already printed some tags. You can choose the second button so you will only see the items you still need to print.
  • You will be able to print 8 tags to a page, so print in multiples of 8 so you do not waste paper.
  • Follow the directions to generate your list and print your tags.
  • You will be able to open a PDF file of your tags to see what they look like. If you do not like it, you can always discard the PDF, back out and fix errors before you print.
  • If you are happy with your tags, you can now print.  You MUST use  white cardstock-NOT paper.  Print a test page first to make sure your barcodes print clearly.  If your tags are visibly printed incorrectly, your items may be rejected at check in or inspection.


  • If you have a color printer, choose “Use Black Cartridge Only”.
  • Print on the “normal” or “draft” (on new HP printers) setting, not the “best” setting which will print too dark.  The barcode should look crisp and clear, not fuzzy.
  • For your barcode to scan, you must be able to see all of the bars clearly. Watch out for:
  • Printing too light: if you cannot see all of the bars clearly, it won’t scan. Print on the next darkest setting.
  • Printing too dark: if you cannot see clear space between the bars, it won’t scan. Print on the next lightest setting.
  • Misalignment: if your bar-code looks “wavy”, it won’t scan. Align your print cartridge and print again.

Tagging your items

  • Make sure after cutting the tags apart, to put the correct tag on the correct item.
  • Pin tags with SAFETY PINS ONLY to the right shoulder of the garment (when looking at it) as shown below.  Please do not use straight pins or staples, as these do not hold tags on securely.  Any item without a tag will not be sold.
  • All clothes must be hung on hangers as shown.  Make sure the hook is pointing to the left (make a question mark with the hanger).  Also, place items such as comforters and bumper pads on a hanger.
  • For small or grouped items packaged in zipper lock bags, tape tags to the outside of the zipper lock bags and seal the bag with tape. Although the tag should be taped secure, please be aware that the cashiers need to remove the tag at checkout – without damaging the item. Tape across the top of the tag.
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE or place tape so the tag cannot be removed.
  • Only one tag is allowed per item.  If you have an item with more than one piece that you think may get separated, attach the pieces with pins, tape, plastic, and use masking tape to mark the separate pieces with your seller # and item #.

Managing your items

  • Click on the “Manage Inventory” tab at the top of the screen.  Here you can:
  • View your items, edit your items, generate a Projected Settlement Earnings Report, etc.
  • If you use the system for future sales, your item numbers will continue where you left off. In other words, if you ended in the Fall with 100 items, then your first item in the Spring would be 101. If you feel that you must start with item 1, then you can delete all of your previously unsold items and press the RESET ITEM NUMBERS button.
  • The system will be locked and you will not be able to add any more items once the number of inventory items hits 16,000. The total number of items in the inventory will be posted periodically on “Seller News” on our website.
  • Once all sale items have been entered into the system, then a Settlement Report will be available online for you.